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Every roof has unique design and performance requirements. MHP offers roofing solutions from a temporary emergency repair to a fully warrantied system. All MHP products are manufactured under strict quality control and are available through the largest nationwide distribution channel. MHP offers a wide range of warranties for qualifying commercial projects.

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The Right Choice

Mule-Hide is the right choice for a broad range of roofing applications. Mule-Hide's time-proven systems are simple and economical to install, yet meet the stringent demands of todays new construction or re-roofs of commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.


Extensive Warranty Program

Mule-Hide offers Membrane Warranties, Standard System and Premium Warranties. All projects requesting a Standard or Premium System Warranty are inspected by a Mule-Hide representative prior to the issuance of the warranty. Contractors must be Mule-Hide Warranty Eligible to apply for System Warranties.


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Mule-Hide, The Name Trusted in Roofing Since 1906, manufactures and markets low-slope roofing products. We make ethical and professional decisions, firmly grounded in our utmost respect for roofing contractors, and homeowners to help them live the American dream.

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