Vinyl Casement Windows

Things couldn't be easier with our beautiful and functional vinyl casement windows. There's no need to stretch to reach a top lock because the window unlocks with one easy-to-reach latch. Available in single or multi-unit combinations, our casement windows offer smooth operation and maximum ventilation.

Colors & Hardware
Grids & Screens
  • ENERGY STAR qualified with optional ENERGY STAR or High Performance glazing upgrade
  • Single latch, multi-point locking system on casement secures window in multiple locations
  • Window opens to a 90 angle for easy cleaning from the inside
  • Optional simulated double hung meeting rail
Interior Colors
  1. BetterGrain is a revolutionary dual-process painted wood grain finish that mimics the qualities of natural wood better than veneers, laminates, foils or other alternatives.
  2. BetterGrain interiors will not have limit latches.
  3. Due to monitor printing limitations, stain and paint colors shown are for representation only.

Exterior Colors
  1. Paint finishes are available for white or almond vinyl windows.
  2. Due to monitor printing limitations, stain and paint colors shown are for representation only.

Compact Folding Handle
Grid Configurations
Colonial Prairie
Contoured GBG (Grids Between the Glass)
1' Contoured, Color-Matched 5/8' Contoured, Color-Matched
Exterior Grid Package
1' Contoured, Color-Matched 5/8' Contoured, Color-Matched
Full Screen
  • Fiberglass Wire
  • Aluminum Wire
  • VIEWS Screen
  • ENERGY STAR (standard)
  • High Performance - incorporates triple glazing and Krypton gas for maximum energy efficiency. This glazing package exceeds ENERGY STAR requirements. This will be the appropriate choice for customers who want a product with superior performance.
  • Low-E
  • Low-E/Argon
  • Double Low-E/Argon
  • Obscure
  • Tempered
  • Bronze Tint
Extension Jambs
  • Primed finger joint or clear pine
  • 4-9/16"
  • 6-9/16"
  • Custom sized up to 7-1/4" Wall (standard)
Exterior Casing
908 Casing
908 Casing 4 Sides 908 Casing w/ Sill Nosing
Flat Casing
Flat Casing 4 Sides Flat Casing w/ Sill Nosing
Additional Options
  • DP50 Upgrade
  • Structural Mullion
  • Foam Wrap
  • Foam Filled Frame & Sash
ENERGY STAR qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. EPA and U.S. DOE. The ENERGY STAR label also designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings.

Harvey Building Products is committed to continually improving our management of energy resources. We are proud to be part of the family of businesses who have also joined with ENERGY STAR.

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Paint Warranty Glass Coverage
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