Englert Metal Roofing
Englert Metal Roofing

1 " and 1" Curved Mechanically Seamed Metal Roof Systems
Englert Series C1300/C1301

Designed to accommodate arched canopies and walkway covers, Englerts curved version of the popular A1300/A1301 metal roof profiles meet the needs of todays architects. The curved A1300/A1301 metal roof systems, at 1 " tall, can be reduced to a minimum radius of 24" in aluminum or 100" in steel.

Both metal roof systems, although rugged in design, require a solid deck for installation. The C1300 carries the UL-90 listing with proper fastening. These metal roof profiles can be locked with a 90 or 180 fold. Roofing panel widths for this application are adjustable from 12" to 20.

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